Ok, so last night was the opening night of Overload Poetry Festival in Melbourne. Completly mental. They had an opening ceremony at Fitzroy town hall and then they “Took It To The Streets” which was a poetry pub crawl but also involved performances in lots of other places, back alley ways, park benches, abandoned buildings – it was a real unique way to see Melbourne! Some of the performers were fantastic, Antony O Sullivan (who performed in a church yard) and Lisa Greenaway…..and some of the others were….um…..abstract is the best word I can think of! The Belfast Poets performed at midnight in a pub called Dante’s which is a really tiny pub but with the most amazing retro performing space out the back. Tonight we are competing in the Team Slam against a team from Adelaide. Should be good fun.
I can’t believe how crazy the last few days have been. Tuesday we left Belfast, Wednesday went missing, Thursday morning we arrived in Sydney…on Thursday evening we did a performance at the Opera House……well to be exact me, Ellen and Chelley stood on the steps in a wee circle and said one of our poems to each other quietly and then clapped each other….but hey we’re counting it. And then yesterday we arrived in Melbourne and performed last night. What a week!
Keep your fingers crossed for us and I’ll let you know how we got on.
Dia Duit vs G’Day
Last night was the Word Wrestling Slam competition held at the Cherry Bomb Club. There were two comps. Individual and team slam (which the Belfast Poets were competing in) The basics of a slam are you get three minutes to perform a poem and then 5 judges randomly picked from the audience will give you scores out of ten…..sort of like Poet Idol! PhatBob from our group entered the individual slam but after watchin the contest we all wish we had entered. I guess beforehand we felt intimadated. WWF Slam sounds pretty full on. But nothing they did was any more impressive than what we are doing at home.
On to the team slam. Belfast Poets Vs Paroxsym Press, (Adelaide) or Dia Duit Vs G’Day (as we named it!) Four poets going head to head and the winning team gets 50 dollars….and the joy of winning of course!!
First up in the first round, was Kami, representing Adelaide, who scored 14.5 points. He was followed by PhatBob from our team who performed ‘I’ve Lived Some’ and scored 24.3 from the judges which we were well happy with.
Round Two was Adelaide team captain Daniel Watson scoring 22 points. He was up against Chelley Mc Lear from our team who performed ‘Death At Lidls’ and was awarded 24.4 points.(BTW the BP team are so democratic we didn’t have a captain!)
Round Three was Kerryn Tredrea from Adelaide team scoring 22.5 points. And then it was my turn. I performed ‘Wishful Thinking’ and scored 25.3 points which I was over the moon with!
Last round was Kelly-Lee Hicky scoring 24.5 vs Ellen Factor from our team who performed ‘The Fried Egg Analogy’ and scored a fab 26.4 points.
Meaning the final score was Parosxym Press 83.5 and Belfast Poets 100.4 Yeeha!!  The Paroxsym Press are the 2006 Slam Champions and we wiped the floor with them…..not that we want to rub it in or anything!
It was cool to chat to members of the team afterwards. I had a very funny conversation with Kami who said he’d checked out the Belfast Poets website and they were all sure they’d wipe the floor with us. He said he read my poem ‘Cold Side Of The Bed’ and thought ‘isn’t that sweet, but that girls got no chance’ and then when I performed he said….Holy Shit! made me laugh a lot! They were very impressed with the overall standard of our team.
It was a great nights craic overall…and now we have 50 dollars extra to put into the kitty which is no bad thing!
We are heading off now to perform at the Poets Breakfast which starts at 7pm. Its got lots of performers, a BBQ and lots of drink (probably!) Let you know how it goes tomorrow.

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