Yesterday was one of those days!
Firstly it was census day here in Oz so we had to fill out forms as tourists which is so mad cos years from now when the Belfast Poets Tour of Oz has passed down into legend, young impressionable poets will be able to check the records and say ‘wow, it isn’t myth…those guys really did it’ haha!
Then last night we had our Night. First half we were involved in a discussion with local poets about the state of poetry and the arts in N. Ireland. It was a bit weird cos their impression of how things work at home and how things actually are is really skewed!
Then our half hour show which went down a storm. Everybody played a blinding set and the response from the audience was fnatastic. We were all well chuffed.
So today is now our last day in Melbourne. We’re flying to Darwin tonight. All we gotta do today is see the sights and we have a radio interview in the afternoon. The weather here has been just like home but up in Darwin today its 32 degrees, so its cheerio to Winter and a big G’Day to Summer tomorrow! I’m well excited – at least my summer shoes will get an airing!
We’ve got to say goodbye to ToadHall where we’ve been staying and see what waits us up in Darwin. Here we’ve all been staying in the same room which has been great craic. Its nice too cos its given us a great chance to get to know each other better. We all get on well and we have a laugh which bodes well for the ten days in the camper van!

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