How Brave Am I??

Last night at about half two in the morning we arrived into Darwin, took a taxi and arrived into Ludmilla where we are staying. It was hot……thankfully as we are sleeping almost outside. The house is wooden and built on stilts and we are sleeping underneath, the walls are green tarpaulin. Its a little bit like camping, but without the tent! It was so strange to go to sleep last night and listen to the sounds of the animals whooping and hollaring in the trees outside. (Gordon informed us this morning that they were fruit bats and possums) It took a long time to fall asleep but waking up this morning was amazing. The walls are see throughish and the trees and the light was fantastic! And then a little bit later, most of the others had gone out and Ellen and I were looking though video footage we heard this rustling outside and went to look and there was a lizard just dandering past the front door. Then it really hit home that we ain’t in Kansas any more!
We’ve just spent a little bit of time walking around Darwin city centre. The weather is really nice and we’re all leggered in suncream for fear of frying on the first day!
We’re gigging the next few nights in bars and I think its gonna be nice and laid back.

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