Things That Go Bump In The Night

Its Saturday morning. We’ve done two shows in Darwin. The first on Thursday night was at the Havana Bar and went down so well. We really won the crowd over. We even had people staying who were just passing through to the other bar….which is a result. Last night we performed at The Railway Club which is a local bar and we had a really good set as well. Its nice cos we’re a tight unit now and our set is established and we all work really well together. I couldn’t be happier.
On Thursday night after we’d come home from the bar, we were sitting round the table having tea and toast etc when a possum came in, and leapt up on the table to join us. Yes thats right….a possum, those things Dame Edna is always referring to….Gordon fed it toast and it just sat there watching us watching him. It was so surreal. After a wee while we had to get it out so Gordon wrapped it in a towel and put it out the door, getting himself a scratch in the process, so we’ve now had our first tour injury! It isn’t as dramatic as it sounds or that he’ll tell you it is when he hits Belfast haha!! The possum took quite a shine to him cos he came back in during the night to watch him sleeping!
Today has been lovely.We went to the market in the morning and then on to Lake Alexander for a swim and a chill out. It has just been so relaxing. Perfect way to shift the hangover! Darwin is just lovely. Really how I pictured Oz would be. All the wildlife we’ve seen, the beautiful weather – things are perfect. I think it’ll be a hard job to get any of us shifted to the next festival, never mind to even comtemplate going home. But we’ve another few weeks of bliss before we’ve got to think about that!

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