Food For Thought

We’ve now finished all our shows in Darwin and we’re on our holidays for a few days! yea! We’re gonna chill out and see some of the sights. Now most of you are thinking thats what you’ve been doing this whole time, but you’d be wrong….we’ve been flat out!
Last night was the closing night ceremony of the Darwin Fringe Festival. We had three 15 minute slots to perform and it went really well. The crowd were really receptive and we were all chuffed with our performance. There were lots of dancers there from the South Seas and it was a really upbeat positive night, celebrating our identity and diversity. We had a lot of issues in Melbourne about our identity as a group because we’re named the Belfast Poets. A lot of people expected us to all be born, bred and living in Belfast and the couldn’t get their head round the fact that we are representing a new Belfast, New Northern Ireland almost. I had thought we would have to defend ourselves as poets, never mind defending our right to belong to a certain group with a certain name! Here in Darwin it hasn’t been an issue and the people have been very receptive of the poetic ‘message’ that we’re putting across.
So anyways after the ceremony we all went out to dinner at the Wharf. We sat outside and ate our dinner, while a band played chilled out tunes. Chelley, Bob and I ordered Camel, Buffalo and Crocodile meals and shared out the meat between us so we could all have a taster. “Do you want share of my crocodile meat?” is a question I never thought I’d utter in my lifetime. But hey its one of those once in a lifetime experiences, and in the spirit of when in Rome and all that! And survey says – all three were quite tasty. I think I’m ready for my I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here experience now!
Darwin has just been fantastic. We are all very sad to be leaving here on Wednesday. The place is so chilled out and the weather is fantastic (even though its winter) I think its a place I would come back to……that is if I leave in the first place………don’t worry mum, I’m only half kidding!!

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