Today has been another blissful day in Darwin, though its hard to tell them apart cos they’ve all been fantastic! Last night we had our going away BBQ and lots of the lovely people we’ve met came to spend time with us. Andrish (the festival director) was talking logistics about our coming back for next years festival which we all think would be a fab idea. Steve Holiday, who compared our shows, was there entertaining us all, Campbell the Swaggie (who is a local legend) and of course Marty and Kay who we’ve been staying with. It was a lovely chilled out night.
Today we went into Darwin town centre and then off to Lake Alexander for a swim and a chill out. Ach its a hard life 😉
But now it comes down to the Leaving…….It seems so weird, we’ve only been here six days and yet we’ve so easily slipped into the laid back, easy going way of life. Our gigs went really well and the people have made us feel so welcome. Tomorrow we are getting a train called the Ghan, which is supposed to be wile fancy! We head down to Alice Springs which takes two days and we get a chance to stop off at Katherine Gorge for a nosey. When we get to Alice Springs we’re gonna get our camper van and head out to see Ayres Rock. So this trip really has been Planes, Trains and Automobiles!
Don’t know when I’ll next get a chance to blog or check emails but I’ll be keeping note of everything and will update you whenever I can.

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