So we packed up and said goodbye to Darwin and got the Legendary Ghan Train down to Alice Springs. It is the biggest train I’ve ever seen. 26 carriages and two carriers at the back for cars. It was mad to travel through the Outback – the scenery is just amazing. I even saw a wee Kangaroo which was great (but then I felt bad cos I remembered I’d eaten one only a few days ago). We stopped off for a few hours in a town called Katherine which is basically one street big but hey it was better than going swimming with crocs which some people chose to do!
Then we arrived in Alice Springs and we’re now staying at a hostel called Annies Place….and our holiday was to begin!!!  Yesterday was grand up to the point where we found out the camper van we were supposed to be picking up on Saturday was cancelled leaving us stranded in Alice Springs. Stranded in the middle of nowhere….in the middlest of nowhere that you could ever be. I was only slightly worried – I mean its a town and there are lots of options, planes, trains, automobiles etc. The others went into overdrive with sorting out options. I contributed the idea of going to get drunk (there was a rodeo night on with real life cowboys) and I thought that we all needed a bit of chill. So yeah we all went to party! I’m glad we did cos when we got back to the hostel it was so freezing that I’m sure only the high level of alcohol in my blood stream helped me survive the night!
So we got sorted today with a way out of Alice Springs. We’re flying on Tuesday morning and then we get our connecting flight to Brisbane on Tuesday night. I’m happy with this. It means we get a chance to do all the holiday stuff here that we wanted to do, including going to see Ayres Rock and having a camel ride. Everybody is relieved now and looking forward to a few days holiday. Our show in Brisbane is the big one, very important and its great now that we can chill and prepare for it properly

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