Karaoke and Kangaroo

On Friday night we went to a local members only club for a karaoke session. It was a bit of a mental experience. The place looked like an airport lounge and the lady running the show was such a character. If someone started a song in the wrong key for them half way through she would stop them and change key and let them start all over again! You wouldn’t get that at home! So after a lot of beers we decided to sing. Chelley wanted to sing Crazy but somebody else got their first and believe me it was like the woman was preparing her statement for Gransha! Another woman half sang half spoke “I’m A Red Necked Woman” and there was never a truer word spoken! I sang “Nobody Does It Better” but I think on that occasion ANYbody could have done it better! Not very good at all but what made me laugh was at the end a man came up and asked if I sang professionallyand if not I should do! made me laugh so much! Chelley sang “You’re So Vain” in honour of PhatBob (who claims he’s not vain at all!) We were trying to get him to sing “Its Raining Men” but he was having none of it! We then went onto the Melanka Bar and had far to many drinks which led to me spending yesterday in my bed hungover! But hey someone had to take over Bob’s job as designated drinker for the night! We’ve now moved into the hostel at the Melanka bar so it should be a very small stagger home after a night out!
Today has been a lovely chilled out day. We went to the Kangaroo rescue centre next to our hostel and got to see and hold little baby kangaroo’s. There’s a picture up on the pics page. They’re so cute its unreal! The guide was telling us how when a kangaroo gets knocked down on the road that sometimes it could still have a joey in its pouch and if you can get to it in time you could be able to save its life. Otherwise they’re just left to rot or get eaten alive by other animals. It broke my heart. You’re lucky I’m not coming home with a little joey!

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