Love Poetry Hate Islamophobia

The Belfast Poets Touring Group, recently returned from their tour of Australia, will be hosting a Love Poetry Hate Islamophobia event Saturday 11th November – 3.30pm till 5.30pm at Common Grounds Cafe – University Avenue – South Belfast (just behind Queens University Car Park).
While touring we performed alongside poets from Muslim backgrounds, from the Sudan, Indonesia, and Iraq, who read in Arabic and who showed us the diversity and richness of poetry from these regions.
The recent upsurge in Islamophobic attacks from government ministers, Jack Straw, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, and the continuing war in Iraq, help in creating an atmosphere of intolerance and division.
The Love Poetry Hate Islamophobia event has been organised in conjunction with Love Music Hate Racism and is supported by the Anti-Racism Network and aims to allow the expression of diversity and unity.
Thank you to our guest poets David Smylie (Belfast Poets), Barbra Muldoon (Anti Racism Network)
To our special guests plucked from the audience, Corbin McLear, and Hayley – first time in front of the mic, well done!
To Charlotte Dryden (LMHR) for tunes before and after. To Tim Currie for providing excellent visuals during Gordon’s pieces.
We are hoping that these become regular gigs. Next up we are performing as part of Love Music Hate Racism gig on 30th November in Sandinos Bar, Derry.
Come along and show your support!

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