Crush me.
Dead weight of expectation,
longing, the ache that
crushes me.
Oppressed my breath
squeezes out
the cavity
where my chest used to be
but is now folding in
on itself, on me.
Because of you.
You’re Here.
suddenly my heart
finds strength to beat,
thuds so slowly
see it through the skin.
thunders and echoes in ears.

Crush me.
squeezed to boiling point
flushed, flustered and crushed

Crush me.
calling out
begging to be saved
by compassion from this compression,
you could do that
with just one word,
one sideways glance.

Crush me
my self esteem
don’t say no.

Crush me
my view of you
sweet, kind soul.

Crush me
knowing I
have a crush on you.

© Aisling Doherty

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