Over Before It Began

Me and the Ideal Man,
never got off the starting block
never lifted me feet and really let go
never followed you down
that sweet lovely road.
Dug my heels in, sat holding the key,
that opened the door to the real me,
then when you asked
I swallowed it and laughed
watched your heart break
your soul get confused
I thought I was doing the
best thing for you
cos we wouldn’t be more
than a Highland Fling
something so simple and natural and sweet
I made it complex,
– all troops retreat.
Danced all around you
tripped over me feet
fell to the floor, tired and weak
too proud to admit
I hadn’t a clue.
But all that I needed
Held in your hand.
I couldn’t ask
so you didn’t know,
you thought my routine
told you to go,
but I’d like you to stay
just for a while
to see how it goes.
Not too close, though
just watch the show
not the behind-the-scenes-featurette,
not yet,
but soon,
maybe soon.

© Aisling Doherty

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