Steamin’ Demon

Steamin’ Demon

Like clockwork,
Friday night,
Starts with a pub crawl
Ends in a brawl
Via 8 pints of landlords brew
10 shots of something violently blue
40 Benson & Hedges
2 E’s and a joint.
Then into a club,
For beery leers at all the ladies,
just girls, bitches, ho’s, skanks
Just something to ride, to fuck,
To pass the time,
Then you’re out of the club,
Onto the streets,
Get a kebab, then its
Time for the fight,
the main event,
Not even pay per view
Anyone can watch,
but you still put on a good show,
Rile up the crowd, like the pros do
And then just in time
there comes
A Someone
In the wrong place, for him,
right time, for you
And lucky enough
We think he’s a Prod
So that’ll do
Add to the legacy of
“sectarian violence in this town”
That’ll give them politician blokes
Something to shout about.
But truth be told
You’da lamped him anyway
No matter what he was
Cos that’s the routine
at the weekend
Drink dance and be merry
Then go home and puke
And do it all again
Like clockwork
Saturday night
Starts with a pub crawl
Ends in a brawl.

© Aisling Doherty

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