Art Gallery & Tom Forde’s

12th July

This afternoons gig was in Auckland Art Gallery. It was organised by Renee who is a fantastic poet and playwrite. There were 50 or so people there and we did a really nice set, a few poems and some questions and answers. All in all it was lovely. And we got to chat to so many people who were really interested in the premise of our show.

In the evening we were booked into Tom Forde’s Irish Bar in central Auckland. The rugby was on and we were due to go on straight after. Now you know me, I’m not really into sports much, but holy shit after seeing the rugby I am a big big fan. Never have I seen so many cute guys running about a field. They had me at the haka!

The gig we felt was going to get off to a bad start. Grant (who has organised all this) felt that there would be a massive crowd (as he has done with a few of the other gigs, but hasn’t been delivered) so yeah we were disappointed to say the least. Not only for the fact that it’s hard to give a rousing performance with only 5 people in the audience but in terms of making our money back too. This trip has cost an awful lot of money and we really need to work hard to make sure we’re getting it back. Anyways after a slow start we pulled people in round, we gave a fireside performance. There were about 20 people watching and we really gave them something special. A nice intimate performance, with details about how things come together. We were disappointed by the amount of money we took in and also Grant’s attitude to it.

All the way home though we were weighing up our options. Was it really worth our while to stay here. Did Grant have any idea about pulling a crowd together for gigs, or building an event? Why were things not working out the way they’d been promised from last year. Did he not realise that this wasn’t a joke for any of us? When we got back to the offices we got indepth about things (as we always do) Time to face facts – it was our 4th gig where we had failed to make the promised amount of money. We were all obviously frustrated and at the end of our tether. I hadn’t realised quite so much until I suddenly felt like I was going to cry during one of the discussions. Bob and I had been intending to go out to the bar anyway so at that point he was “Get yer coat we’re goin’ out” Best thing. We went to the bar, had a chat and a carryon and it was great. We’ve become quite the regulars at Big Al’s bar which is just up the road in Onehunga. (It’s not actually called Big Al’s – I think its called the Albert Street Bar & Grill but we’ve called it Big Al’s from day one so its just stuck) Anyway we’re so much the regulars that last night the bar man who was off duty, came and introduced himself and thanked us for our custom. And told us if we wanted to stay, he and his mates could talk us through the immigration process. He also said that he’d would introduce us to the regulars the next night we came in.

We were last to leave the bar and as we staggered home putting the world to rights, none of the stress from earlier seemed to matter. I guess thats the power of Sol beers and giggles. So we got back and as the other girls were sleeping we sat out in the front office freezing, talking rubbish with Gordon til way too cold and way too late. The joys of touring. It didn’t seem to matter that in less than four hours we’d have to get up and gig again…..we are true hardend professionals! 😉

3 thoughts on “Art Gallery & Tom Forde’s

  1. mano July 13, 2008 / 10:33 pm

    hello friend,
    it was nice to stop by your website.
    it’s wonderful work.
    good luck.

    keep in touch

  2. Nicholas Alexander July 23, 2008 / 6:29 am

    I was terribly sorry that I was unable to see your performances this time but do get in touch if/when you have more shows to do in Auckland.

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