Grey Lyn Tavern Gig

Yesterday we gigged at the Grey Lyn Tavern. It was absolutely brilliant. The bar had done an awful lot of promotional work, there were posters everywhere and a really nice vibe about the place. The camera crew were setting up and the stage and microphones were all there – finally at last a professional set up. A gig that we could get excited about.

There was an afternoons entertainment to be had. A couple of local poets, including Hado (who we’d seen the other night) He has a fairly interesting performance style. Not really my cup of tea but I think I’m glad I saw it….I think. There was a great poet called Bob Orr who had a beautiful poem called Love Poem. Really simple and brought tears to m eyes. Two local Maori singers performed and honestly I’ve never heard sounds like it. One woman did an amazing Maori blues song and it was like her voice came straight out of heaven. Apparently she has six or seven albums in the shops and we are going on the hunt for them today. Her name was Whirimako Black. Find out more information about her here

Also performing was local legend Graham Brazier. An absolutley fab performer with a voice that’s used to performing  for big crowds. Check him out here

All in all the Grey Lyn Tavern gets the thumbs up from me. The people were lovely and I felt they really enjoyed our set, we got paid, we sold books, we’re getting a dvd copy of the show and we were part of an afternoon of culture. The bar is thinking of hosting another one before we leave which we would be delighted to be part of.

I think yesterday was much needed food for the poetic soul. After the other gigs being so small we really needed a few gigs where we could stretch our legs and do the show we came here to do. Before this it was beginning to feel like an expensive waste of time but now at least we’re making some headway.

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