Best Day Ever!

Today was officially the Best Day Ever! Bob and I were booked in to do the Auckland Skywalk. Oh my God it was the bravest I’ve been in a long time. In 2006 when we were in Sydney I climbed the Harbour Bridge which was brilliant and terrifying and fantastic but this Skywalk takes the biscuit. To fully appreciate it you’ll need to check out cos my description will not do it justice. But as most of you know I’m terrified of heights and so the fact that I did this is a miracle at all. It is bloody high up and the views are spectacular and I am so chuffed that I was able to drag myself around without freezing in fear. When you are out on the ledge there are no handrails, nothing to hold on to apart from the rope, absolutely nothing. I had joked with Bob beforehand that he would find it very hard to walk around dragging me attached to his lower leg in fear but we were both relieved that I was a big brave girl and was able to walk by myself! We got some cracking pics too and my favourite is the shot taken where you have to lean out over the ledge cos I actually managed to do it after only a wee bit of prompting from Wayne our guide. I wasn’t able to do the on where you lean out face forward (I was already working at the limit of my manageable fear) but Bob did it and he said it was terrifying.

After that we had a well deserved drink and a Mexican meal and then went to see The Dark Knight in the Imax. What a brill film! Heath Ledger is fantastic in it and I can see why so many people are disappointed he won’t be around to do another one.

When it was over we went to meet Shane, Christian, Hado and Miriam from the Literati in the Wine Cellar for a drink or two. You may think that I am easily pleased but hell I don’t care – today was The Best Day Ever! 😉

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