Studio Stuff

So Scream Blue Murmur have been in the Studio since last Wednesday night recording our 4 track EP. The studio is called MFR Recordings on Lombard St, in Belfast and if you ever get a chance you should check it out. The guys looking after us this week were Simon & Tree and we couldn’t have wished for two nicer dudes to sail the music ship with us. Although I think Tree hugging may have left me a wee bit sick, I’m all achy today!! I can’t wait to go in tomorrow and help with the final mix… I’m nosey and I wanna hear how it turns out and I don’t think I can wait!

We’re also in the process of thinking about the video that will go along with the tracks. Because we know so many people who live in all different parts of the globe we thought it might be interesting to involve them in the creative process too. So we put a call out on FaceBook and various other social networks asking people to video their daily commute or a trip to the shop or walking the dog. I thought it would be quite interesting to have footage from USA to New Zealand, Singapore to our very own wee Belfast. The mix of weather, terrain and timezones would led to an interesting visual experience to go along with our tunes…..well I thought so anyways!

I’ll keep you posted as the video footage starts to roll in and once I get the video edited I’ll post a copy here and you can let me know what you think of it.

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