Gil Scott-Heron Tribute Night

On the 27th May at 8pm Scream Blue Murmur will be hosting a Gil Scott-Heron Tribute night at the Crescent Arts Centre in Belfast. They will also be launching their EP ‘Belfast Sun’ which will be available to buy on the night but you can also download it from Band Camp here –

On the night there will be a showing of the film about Scott-Heron “The Godfather of Rap”, poet Ezekial Johnson will be reading some of Scott-Heron’s poetry and local DJ’s Venus Rollergirl and Joe Lindsay will be spinning the decks giving us tunes from the great man himself and also those groups he inspired.

Scream Blue Murmur will also be performing. And no, they will not be performing cover versions of Gil Scott-Heron songs, they will be doing their own tunes which are in the spirit of Scott-Heron and all he stood for. This group of poets and musicians are the closest thing to GSH that I can see here on the local scene. And just cos I’m part of the group doesn’t make me biased… just means that I have an insiders knowledge on what drives this group of people to create songs/poems/chants that have a political message that aren’t driven by the message but by the groove and the overall vibe. It’s too hard to explain in words. It needs to be explained by you shaking your ass and a bottle of glittery rice. It needs to be explained somewhere in your gut and only you have access to that. So come along to the gig, see what happens and explain it to me afterwards.

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