Week Three

Busy week at school here with reports due in and concerts/functions and charity walks to be done but I’m trying to keep up the reading too. I’m really enjoying making time for it each day. It’s been good to clear my head (or try to anyway) and dip into another world/another reality for a wee while.

Because I don’t really know any of the other staff too well yet, there’s lots of time to read and to write and I must admit I have found it difficult to get into the swing of things….with the writing anyways. I think it’s the tyranny of too much time. Before I had always worked under pressure, because there was no choice and now I’ve swung in the other direction and am staring at the vast ocean of time before me and wondering how anyone every decided to write anything.

Hopefully though things will even out and I’ll find a new balance.

Start & finish Rising Tides by Nora Roberts (sequel to Sea Swept which I read last week on my nautical themed reading sesh)

Start & finish Inner Harbour by Nora Roberts (The last in the trilogy)

Start 1984 by George Orwell

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