Week Four

For a while this week I thought the highlight this week was going to be the bingo night we went to on Tuesday. It was to raise money for the school’s cricket trip (and I did have a beer) but still it’s a very 80year old lady thing to do. Then on Thursday a colleague and I went to the Contender Charlie talk in Mexico City. It was given to a group of educators and was focusing on courageous leadership not only in education but in any group setting. If you’re involved in education or involved in any way with young people I would encourage you to check out the Contender Charlie website and see what they can offer you. (www.contendercharlie.com) I found it very interesting and enjoyable and spend the journey home wondering how I could best implement it in my classroom. I think maybe this should be the official highlight of the week but I fear deep down it may still be the bingo.

Have also discovered the MemRise website and I’m using this to try and learn some Spanish. I’ll keep you posted as to how I get on.

Slow reading week – still reading 1984 by George Orwell

P.S. This marks one month of living in Tequis.

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