Week Seven

In Mexico in the run up to Xmas they do a really lovely thing called the posada, which represents Mary & Joe trying to find room at the inn. All the people in a street go knocking at each of the houses and then the last one lets them in and there’s a big party. There are two of them organized at our school. I think it sounds like a lot of fun and a lovely way to celebrate with your neighbours and co workers.

Last Monday night was my first posada and I cannot speak highly enough about it. There was a beautiful atmosphere, free food and drink and I even got to whack a piñata which makes a truly satisfying thunk! Even though I haven’t lived in Mexico long I could see the sense of community involved in the party and I was so happy to be part of it. I even got to take home the gorgeous table decoration to add to my little Xmas shelf. And they brought us a bag of mixed sweets each. I could see how much effort the community put into the evening and I’m sure everyone there appreciated the effort too.

So on Friday the world was supposed to end and um….it didn’t and for that I am truly grateful. I am flying to Minneapolis to spend Christmas with my best friend from my primary school days and honestly it’s almost as good as going home. I’ve been to Minneapolis so often that it really is a home away from home. I look forward to catching up with all the friends I’ve made there. And of course getting to spend time with one of my beautiful god-daughters is a huge bonus.

For all the joy there is in travelling to MN, this week part of me wishes I was going home to meet my new niece who arrived on Monday morning. She is beautiful and I’m so happy that all are doing well. I want cuddles but it will have to wait until July. Extreme sad face!

I have two amazing god-daughters and now a beautiful niece. Three girls who will hopefully grow up to be strong, powerful, independent women. That’s a lot of pressure as one of the female role models in their lives. I want them to take every opportunity that’s offered to them and to grow up fearless and funky as hell……I’m still learning that myself!

So I’m ashamed to say that I’ve done no reading this week. Oh, wait, well I did read the US edition of OK which claims Jennifer Aniston is having twins but I hardly think that counts!