Week Seventeen

This week my class started writing letters to my friends little girl back home in Ireland. It was amazing watching them trying to decide what things are important to tell someone who doesn’t live here. In a way this is kinda what this blog is about. In one way it’s to let my folks know I’m still alive and in the other it’s a little slice of social commentary for those who don’t live in this place. I guess it’s also a way to make sure that I’m keeping you on the journey with me. Life is all about the journey, not about the destination and a journey is always better with friends.

I was wondering where are you journeying from? So I had a wee nosey at the stats for this blog, something I’ve never done before and I was really amazed at where people are reading from.  And I wondered, how did you get here? Some of you I know about, my friends and family at home, in the USA and Canada, or people who had connected with me through my work with Scream in Australia or New Zealand but others I have no idea. I mean I’m fairly certain I don’t know anyone in Mongolia, Rwanda or Korea but hey they’ve been reading. (Hi by the way!) It has been really interesting to see what posts people are interested in and what social medium brought them here. Thanks to all who’ve been reading….

You know that part in a Hollywood movie, where the young, naïve, (whiter than white) white girl is dropped into the middle of a foreign land, without knowing the language or anything that is going on. There’s usually that shot of them standing in the middle of rush hour traffic, surrounded by suitcases, sweating like a beast, holding the map of the place and looking completely bewildered? You know that one? Probably played by Julia Roberts or Reece Witherspoon or some other insipid female? Well yeah, sometimes in Mexico that’s me.

In some ways moving to Mexico has reduced me to being like a child. I barely speak the language and therefore when things need done I have to rely on someone else. When I need gas for the house, I’ve got to ask the school to phone the gas man and give explicit directions as to which tank is mine. I need to go and get my hair coloured soon and again I’m going to have to wait for someone to make the appointment for me ….and probably to go with me too, so as to explain what I want done.

It’s kinda like all the things you need your mum and dad to do for you when you’re younger have resurfaced and you need someone to sort shit out for you again. It’s a very odd feeling!

I remember my mum once said that she still feels like an 18 year old inside and is always really surprised when she looks in the mirror and see a grownup. I never really understood fully what she meant but I kinda do now – living in Mexico and on the one hand being a grown up, having a responsible job and on the other being like a teenager needing someone to go with you when you buy shoes.

In honour of being a teenager again I’ve been listening to this:


– one of my favourite tunes from when I was a teen. Enjoy!

Finished Tiny Sunbirds Far Away by Christie Watson

Start The Expats by Chris Pavone

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