Week Eighteen

They have a drink here called the Michelada. It’s beer and tomato juice. It’s disgusting. They also have one called the Chilada, which is beer and lime juice. Also disgusting. But this week I was lucky enough to discover one with beer and mango juice which is like a little drop of heaven….and I count it as one of my five a day.

According to everyone who lives here, the weather is turning. Now I thought I was doing pretty well so far. Weather-wise the day goes like this: wake up, get ready for school, pop on a light coat cos it’s a little chilly, walk to work. From about 8.30, it gets roasting. Layers come off. Walk home in the swealtering heat, have beer on front step. At about 7/8 o’clock or so it’s time to put layers back on. All good. I can cope with that. Now though things are changing. I don’t even need my coat in the morning anymore. It is getting warm, warm, warm….this will be the real test if I can cope in the heat!

I’m not really ones of those girls who is built for operating in the heat, even though I love it. Layers don’t look good on me. I look like a crazy bag lady who has just put on everything she owns. I also burn really, ridiculously easily. I once got fried walking two blocks in NY (ironically I was on my way to buy sun cream) and my hair which is normally bang straight develops the weirdest wee kink to it. So yeah, in theory, my body shouldn’t be enjoying my time here in Mexico.

I have however started to appreciate the beach holiday. Before when I travelled it was as part of a Scream Blue Murmur tour, where we whizzed round a city or country at break neck speed and there was very little time to just chill. I really enjoyed it though and I have some fantastic memories of the places we visited and the characters we met. Before moving to Mexico I had three ‘beach’ holidays in my entire life. Once I went to Torremolinos with my family to celebrate my 21st and my brothers 18th, once I went to Cyprus for my brothers wedding (spending the majority of time in the hospital rather than on the beach) and once I went to my friends apartment on the Canary islands. Three in total. In four months living in Mexico I’ve had almost as many beach holidays….and two more to come by the time Easter hits. I’ve started to really enjoy the chill of a holiday lying on the beach with my kindle in one hand and a rum filled coconut in the other. Utter bliss.

This week the kids at school are rehearsing for their performance of The Jungle Book. They’ve all been working so hard and next Thursday and Friday are the performances. It is almost as much fun to be working behind the scenes with the kids as it is to be on stage. We’ve worked hard to learn the songs and dances and the kids have all helped the art teacher create the jungle stage. Pics next week….as well as glorious reviews of our show.


Finish The Expats by Chris Pavone

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