Week Nineteen

Well the Jungle Book production is over and if I do say so myself, what a bloody success! The kids worked really hard and we produced a show that was lively, fast paced and enjoyed by all. We had a few quirky touches in there too. We started the show by having one of the lead characters singing “Welcome to the Jungle” while the rest of the animals ran, slithered, flapped and flew through the audience. We played “Eye of the Tiger” every time Shere Khan (the tiger) appeared on stage, we mixed in a few Beatles songs and there was enough in it to keep kids and adults happy.

The kids were super sweet at the end too. One of my students who’d come to see the play came running up to me afterwards with flowers and gave me a big hug, told me how amazing the show was and hoped I was really happy. The kids in the play were as high as kites! Flowers and hugs all round. Obviously I can’t show you pictures of the kids in their costumes but I wish I could because they were fantastic. Some of them were made by the mother of the head teacher of the school and some others were made by one of the classroom assistants. I honestly thought they were amazing. However here is a beautiful picture of the set, which was made by the art teacher and all his classes:


After the excitement of two days of shows some of the teachers went to Mexico City for the Mexican Cricket Club ball. Holy smokes. I’m not into cricket but a three course meal and a free bar were enough for me to feign interest. (By the way these words: “Barra Libre” are the most dangerous in the Spanish language.)

So yeah add to that the fact that I won a 3 litre bottle of booze, which we took to an after party and I think I need tell you know more about the night. Except for the fact that I’ve also discovered I have amazing skills at being able to communicate drunkenly in broken Spanglish til all hours of the morning.

However here is a pic of me in a hat that I liberated from the head of some hideous dancer. You’re welcome:


So I loved being in Mexico city. It’s so different from Tequis. It’s got 20million people for a start where as Tequis barely has 20! It feels like a proper big, global city and I just loved the atmosphere there. We didn’t get much time to wander around what with the hangover etc but we’re going back next weekend to go to a festival and I’m hoping that I’ll be able to spend some time just wandering around the city.

Start & finish Guns by Stephen King

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