A-Z Bloggers Challenge #1: A

A-Z Bloggers Challenge #1: A

A is for apple, alligator, Aisling and art. A is the alpha, the beginning. The start of something. The first words in a new notebook, the first smile in a new relationship, first pinch of heartbreak and the first time you feel a powerful connection to some art form; doesn’t matter what it is – song, sonnet or sketch.

It’s the thought that some other being has felt almost exactly the same things you have. That someone has reached inside your soul, put their two feet inside your heartbeat and said, I feel it too. Sometimes reading a poem or hearing a song is the most powerful feeling in the world. I think it only comes second to writing something yourself and inspiring that feeling in someone else. I have been lucky enough to perform poetry across the world and there’s something amazing about watching people react to the words that you have written. There’s a beautiful connection with a person when they recognize your words as something they have been feeling or struggling with. There’s an even more amazing connection when you help people see the world through new eyes. It’s a real privilege to be able to connect with people in this way.

I appreciate everyone’s right to say what they want when they have their three minutes on stage but sometimes I am frustrated when I think the time could have been better spent. For me personally I don’t connect much with belly button gazing poetry. I support your right to write about the breakup of your relationship or the beautiful walk you had in the forest but as a listener it doesn’t do much to change my world perspective. When I listen to poetry performers I want to be challenged and forced to reevaluate my thinking. I want to have to go and do some research and find out about a tribe I’ve never heard of or some tragedy and I want to be able to figure out how to connect these things to my life. I want to work hard and as a writer I want you to work hard too.

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