Week Twenty-Two

This Easter I had two beach holidays and found Jesus. When I say found, I mean stalked him via the metro to watch a reenactment at Iztapalapa, which is a suburb of Mexico City. There were thousands of other people who’d made the journey and there were hundreds of riot police. Seriously the first four rows of people were police. Totally scary and unexpected at a religious event. I wondered what kind of trouble they were expecting – anti religious protesters/ human rights activists? This event in Iztapalapa is one of the biggest in Mexico City, it involves months of rigorous investigation into the lives of the people who are eventually chosen to play the main characters. It is a huge honour for the family to have one of their own chosen for a part. I’m not a very religious person but I thought it would be an experience to see something like this. It felt like bring at a music festival, without the live music. There was a very definite buzz from the people watching and waiting for the event to happen.
Lots of people said that Easter week is a good time to be in Mexico City because the locals leave to go on holidays. To me I didn’t see any difference in the swells of crowds who normally swarm the place. I have figured out the metro system though. The first few times I did it I was with friends and it still terrified me but this week I’ve done it totally by myself. The secret is to hustle like you know where you’re going and to throw dirty looks at anyone who looks remotely like they’re gonna get in your way. Basically get your bitch face on and you’ll be grand!

I have learned that swimming in the sea is a lot like life. It is relentless. Sometimes you are triumphant, buoyant, victorious and sometimes you are face down sucking in sand. You cannot attempt to stay in the same place and sometimes you are out of control and end up in the most unexpected situations. Sometimes the best thing to do is nothing at all.

My friend from home has visited this week and brought not only a supply of cream eggs, chocolates and photos from my family but a huge rush of warm homey memories. I am reminded of the life I left behind, the people we have in common and everything I have missed out on. I am reminded that I exist in other places too, not just in my Mexican world, and that people care about what happens to me and want to be part of my life. That’s a pretty good Easter gift to have…….actually the cream eggs were better!

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