NaPoWriMo #4


NaPoWriMo #4

Prompt: Write a poem using one of Scottish science fiction writer Iain M. Banks’ names for the spaceships in his books.

Lightly Seared on the Reality Grill

A girl totters, one crooked heel

before the other,

towards uncertainty and the boy

who looked like yesterday.

Her eyes glazed and the

fag wedged, between her lips,

dips ash into her cleavage unnoticed.

Unsinged, she reaches sanctuary.

Amid the disco lights

that pepper the barman’s moustache

she manages, in broken


to order four more Mezcals

and a bucket of ‘notchos’.

No idea how to return

from whence she came

she wilts,


beacon lights

and rescue.

A-Z Bloggers Challenge #4: D

Dare to Dream

Dream. Such a small word but one which has a huge impact on your life. This word has always been important to me. Mine name is Irish which in its English translation means dream. I have always identified with it this word and the possibilities it holds. I have always dreamt big. I’ve not always followed through and lived big but I am becoming closer than ever to having my dreams match my reality. I am a hoper, a wisher, a daydreamer and when the time is right I have shifted myself into places and spaces and connections with likeminded people who help me achieve my dreams. I don’t do it consciously or maliciously I just find that the universe drags around me just the right people at the perfect time. I believe in the power of positive thought. I believe in the vibes you send out into the universe will echo back at you and have an impact on your day to day. I believe in dreams.

I’m happy to know so many dreamers and creative souls. I’m happy to say that amongst my closest friends and family are musicians, actors, poets, painters, DJ’s, drummers, dramatists and dancers. I’ve met and been inspired by all of these people in immeasurable ways. I’ve spent nights on sweaty porches and basements, in dressing rooms, practice rooms, backstage and theatre lobbies, with booze in one hand and a smile on my face, having my mind blown wide open by the conversations and new perspectives gained from these creative types. I’ve been part of discussions and arguments about art forms, the battle between subjective and objective, the political connotations of a song, the role of the critic, the perceptions of change and so many others I’m unable to mention. The one thread that runs through these conversations is the passion of those involved. The willingness to stand your ground, fight your creative corner and then shake hands when the bell rings or the bottle is uncorked for the next round. These conversations have changed my life. Through these I have realised how important my creativity is to me. (How important creativity is to everyone.) I’ve discovered the language that will take me around the world. I’ve made friendships and creative partnerships that will last a lifetime. I’ve found a way to match my dreams to my reality.