A-Z Bloggers Challenge #5: E


When is enough? When do we have enough stuff, mindless trinkets or precious future heirlooms? When do we have enough food? Enough drink? Enough emotional pain? When does the body break; when we’ve had enough physical or mental pain? When is the straw that breaks the camels back? And what happens when we reach that point? What happens after?

As a society what happens to us? Are we at breaking point yet? How much worse can it get? (Am I really gonna ask another question and answer none?)

From what I can see, from every news report and every avenue of information, we have been sliding further and further down the path to nowhere. This road to hell isn’t paved with good intentions; it is paved with the worst deliberate actions I’ve ever seen.

There are mass shootings in schools on a regular basis, the UK government is determined to bail out the bankers and squeeze every penny from the ordinary working class folk, there are children starving, people living homeless and it seems like everyone is trampling over each other just to grab the latest gadget or just to have more than the next person. We can’t rely on newspapers to accurately report what’s going on in the world. Every protest against government injustice is portrayed as ’the fringes of society getting ready to riot again’. But somewhere in amongst all of this we’ve got to see the light. We’ve got to find a way of edging people towards what is really going on….otherwise I doubt there is a point.

If you pay attention you can catch the scattering of breadcrumbs. Truth will find a way. I remember watching the YouTube footage during the revolution in Egypt and being so moved by the female speakers who railed against the system. I watched the live stream of the Occupy WallSt and the UKUncut rally. I followed them on Twitter and watched as with every turn one snide politician or another belittled their efforts and the majority of people nodded their heads in agreement. So many people swallowed the lie that we were responsible for the debt and deficit, not the bankers who stole and swindled fortunes and then rewarded themselves with huge bonuses. The majority of people gave barely a second thought to the MP’s and their expenses scandals or did more than tut when the government started cutting benefits to pay for the debt ‘that we created.’ When does this become enough? At what point do the majority of people take their eyes off the latest Lyndsey Lohan scandal and see what’s really happening in the world. Or does that never happen? I hope it does and I hope I am around to see it.

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