A-Z Bloggers Challenge #10: J

Dictionary flip word: Junk

I like stuff. So shoot me, huh?

I like buying stuff from my travels. I just haven’t decided on a place where I want to hang all my treasures for a lifetime. I’ve got a lovely piece of traditional artwork from my time in Australia, still needing a frame and hiding in my parents house. And since I’ve been here in Mexico I’ve bought some stuff too to make my little place feel like home. I’ve got a painting of my favourite beach, a painted skull and beautifully patterned plate. All cheap and cheerful but all apt reminders of my time in this fabulous country. All these things will come with me to wherever I next decide to lay my hat.

I think it’s healthy to have a clear out once in a while, both physically and emotionally. When I moved to Mexico I put some stuff into storage but I gave away loads more. I wanted to make a clean break, even if I was going away for just a year cos I knew that when I came back I wouldn’t be the same person and that precious stuff wouldn’t mean the same to me anymore. It would just be junk. You can always buy more junk.

I’ve done it with people too. A former creative colleague used to say “Cut them out like a cancer” and I think that’s one way of looking at it. I’ve let go of people because we weren’t going to be healthy for each other anymore. It’s about protecting your time and your heart. If you leave a person’s company feeling deranged or demoralised then spending time with that person is not a healthy option. And I think as we get older we all value the ‘healthy options’ in our lives.