NaPoWriMo #13

Prompt: Go for a walk, write what you see


Despite the dusty feet

Despite the feet I can’t keep clean

Despite the shoes I cannot wear

Despite the half sense I make of every sentence

Despite it all

We suit each other

This Mexico and I

Each gaffa taped together

Struggling to force ourselves

one beat in front of the other

an ebb, a stumble,

over the cragged street,

Ankles at an angle,

Gripping for balance.

Dust in the mouth

Eyes stung like first heartbreak tears,


The garbled tongue

Seeping in from every pore

An assault

Jabbers in the ears

Burns and swarms

No wide boy swagger

No labelled layers

but a day exploding


A pop of fireworks,

early morning to rival the rooster

The sun makes a mockery

of freckled skin and bone

Small doorway shops,

collections wedged in

and fighting for breath

The smells of a hundred and one fire pits

weaping in the sunlight.

A roof dog barks viciously,

Threatens rabies,

No one minds.

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