NaPoWriMo #17

Prompt: Write a greeting. (ignored)

There comes a time in a girls life

when she realises she

needs to buy more Tupperware

Too many things to keep precious

too many things to squeeze lids on

in case they forget how loved they are

in case they molt, wilt,

grow wet with poison or shame

grow wet with anger,

mild or unchecked

In case the counting of toes

is not enough to end the day

in case the piggies went to market

or a movie or a marathon

and never returned

more Tupperware,

more zip-locked bags and padlocks

more wrapping paper and cotton wool

more lids, crossed fingers

and meshed palms, lighting candles

counting beads in patterns,

in sequences

more lids, crossed fingers

drawing parallels

over maps, yellow markers

code referenced

date stamped

pieced together from

grainy cell phones

and shaky eye witness

there comes a time in a girls life

when she realises

the lid won’t stay closed

A-Z Blogger Challenge: O

Oz (Country & Wizard of)

Oz was where I cut my teeth as a poet. I agreed on whim to join 5 others poets (one I kinda knew, the others I’d met briefly) on a whirlwind tour of Australia. We did 48 shows in 42 days and I learned how to be my version of a poet. Before going there I’d written some poetry (obviously) and I’d performed a little bit. I was in no way confident or sure of any talent or ability that I had….or even if I had any. I remember saying to my parents “Oh they’re all so confident and sure of themselves and really good poets. I feel really inadequate”. They replied that the other poets probably felt the same way about me. Sometimes I can hide the performance insecurities I feel.

Through this bunch of people, over that first trip and countless others I learned the value of so many things. I learned the power of editing and choosing your words with care, not just in your written work but in the trials and tribulations of touring with a small group of people. I learned the value of doing gigs in the shittiest of venues, because you never know who you’ll meet and become lifelong friends with. I learned the power of promoting your show, through internet, radio and several pints in a bar. I learned to be quietly confident in my own ‘poetic voice’ and what I had to offer to the performance table.

And finally I learned the power of a gorgeous dress and amazing shoes.

Which leads me to the Wizard of Oz – two women fighting over a gorgeous pair of shoes. Sounds like my kinda movie. As a child it taught me everything I ever really needed to learn:

  1. You need brains, heart and courage to have an amazing life.
  2. Know that no matter how far you go there’s no place like home!


Oh and

3. A little singing every day never hurt anyone.