A-Z Blogger Challenge: O

Oz (Country & Wizard of)

Oz was where I cut my teeth as a poet. I agreed on whim to join 5 others poets (one I kinda knew, the others I’d met briefly) on a whirlwind tour of Australia. We did 48 shows in 42 days and I learned how to be my version of a poet. Before going there I’d written some poetry (obviously) and I’d performed a little bit. I was in no way confident or sure of any talent or ability that I had….or even if I had any. I remember saying to my parents “Oh they’re all so confident and sure of themselves and really good poets. I feel really inadequate”. They replied that the other poets probably felt the same way about me. Sometimes I can hide the performance insecurities I feel.

Through this bunch of people, over that first trip and countless others I learned the value of so many things. I learned the power of editing and choosing your words with care, not just in your written work but in the trials and tribulations of touring with a small group of people. I learned the value of doing gigs in the shittiest of venues, because you never know who you’ll meet and become lifelong friends with. I learned the power of promoting your show, through internet, radio and several pints in a bar. I learned to be quietly confident in my own ‘poetic voice’ and what I had to offer to the performance table.

And finally I learned the power of a gorgeous dress and amazing shoes.

Which leads me to the Wizard of Oz – two women fighting over a gorgeous pair of shoes. Sounds like my kinda movie. As a child it taught me everything I ever really needed to learn:

  1. You need brains, heart and courage to have an amazing life.
  2. Know that no matter how far you go there’s no place like home!


Oh and

3. A little singing every day never hurt anyone.


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