NaPoWriMo #18

Prompt: Start and end the poem with the same word


if only you had

unpeeled your skin

hung your eyeballs out to dry

so someone could shake the dust from your irises

let them pump the heart for you

30 times

let them lift out your lungs

blow two sweet mountain air breaths

if only you had taken

the lid off your head

let someone

taste and stir the soup

add salt and pepper

leave to simmer

let them manipulate the fingers

two thumbs up maybe

massage and

change the shape of frown

so you look happy again

waggle the tongue

help you say

the words you needed to

help you find the honey

so they would not stay

like wood chips

in your mouth

would not stay like

brass handles protruding from your sides

would not choke you like cotton

shrouding your smiles

candle flames

flickering in what once was your eyes

if only, my darling.

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