NaPoWrimo # 19

Prompt: Write a personal ad of sorts

Seeking shoe

For short term assignment,

Friday or Saturday nights,

At a push, a Sunday morning.

Must be adaptable and flexible

Must be able to dance, shimmy, shake and strut,

GSOH (Good sense of height) a must

Remote possibility a long walk on the beach

Actually no,

Hill walkers need not apply

A-Z Blogger Challenge: Q

Queen & The Queen

Not that I want to start a particularly politically dicey topic but I’ve never really understood The Queen. Yes, I mean I understand she is an old lady who doesn’t have a job and who gets lots of jewels and castles paid for her, but I mean I’ve never understood what the point of her is…in the grand scheme of things I mean.

I understood the point of the monarchy back in the olden days when they ruled things and made decisions that affected the country. But now we have a government who fucks things up for us in that way so I don’t get why there is a Queen. I’ve asked people who support the Royal Family to try and give me an explanation and so far not one of them was able to offer an answer. So yeah answers on a postcard please. (If any of you want to send me an actual postcard too that would be nice)

One thing I do understand though is Queen. Freddie Mercury what a legend and gone too soon. I would love to see what he’d make of the X Factor/American Idol type artists that the charts are flooded with these days. I’m sure though he’d really enjoy the theatricality of Lady Gaga and there would probably be some awesomely weird collaboration going on! I’d like to think though that he would put a hit out on yer Gangnam Style man.

So just to play us out a bit of Bohemian Rhapsody. Sing along. Including the multi voiced operatic bits. You know it’ll do your soul good.