A-Z Blogger Challenge: R

Rushing and Racism

I have in the past been a volunteer for Love Music Hate Racism in Northern Ireland.

It is an organisation that I think is so worthy. The educational programmes they provide for young children and teens will have such a positive impact as these people mature into adults. It is easy to be misled by the media, especially on the issue of immigrants.


This is only one small example of the rubbish that is printed and fed to the general public as fact.

Governments use misinformation all the time. When they are doing something generally hideous they tend to spam the general public with skewed facts. Lots of times this is of a racist nature. It’s a good tactic too. People are so busy, they get their news updates on their phones or through social networking sites. Things are grabbed on the run, normally while multitasking. Who has time to check up and see if the information we are being fed has been modified for a different purpose? Very few of us….but when I do I’m always horrified by what I find.

Rushing leads to mistakes, not just in politics but in real life. Why is it that we don’t really seem to have the time any more just to stop and metaphorically or actually smell the bloody roses.

Interesting article on race perception: http://www.bbc.com/future/story/20130423-is-race-perception-automatic

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