A-Z Blogger Challenge: T

Tan Lines and Tiger Stripes

I like every girl am hyper critical about the way I look. It is part and parcel of female life and sadly these thoughts and feelings get ingrained you.


This campaign from Dove shows just how damaging women are to themselves on a daily basis:



This parody campaign from the male perspective is also worth a watch:



I guess that’s part of the comedy of the situation that men and women are so vastly different in what they think and feel about themselves.

I know a lot of stunningly gorgeous women who don’t appreciate their worth simply because they do not fit the ‘typical’ notion of beauty. Bollix to it. Everyone is beautiful, amazing and wonderful in their own sweet way. Lets celebrate the little kooky, crazy, weird imperfections that make us all badass.

I think it’s really important too to talk to young kids so that they can recognise how important and special they are. If they are bombarded with images from TV and magazines telling them they are not thin enough, tall enough, blonde enough or whatever then they will never feel comfortable in their own skin. The relentless parade of magazines with “Shock! Horror! Celebs Without Makeup” stories ought only be used to pack dishes for storage. It should never be used to impact the lives of little ones.