A-Z Blogger Challenge: U

Urban Dictionary

Oh my God I cannot explain how much love I have for the Urban Dictionary.

I’ve read some epic explanations and 9 out of 10 times I visit end with tears rolling down my face.

Some prime examples:


The process of (often aimlessly) browsing YouTube videos via the suggested/related videos that are provided on the YouTube sidebar or at the conclusion of a viewed YouTube clip.

Refers to the concept of the “dream, within a dream, within a dream” from the movie Inception; except users are experiencing a video, within a video, within a video.

Can often be a great way of finding obscure and random YouTube content that usually ends up being a world away from the initial search.

“Dude, I found this hilarious video of a kid falling off a see-saw”

“Yeah, how’d you get to that?”

“Tubeception, man: I started on a Slayer video, then just clicked away until I ended up at see-saw kid!”

“I was so bored at home, I ended up having a Tubeception session and realised how many damn cats are on here!”


When a woman gives up dating / cavorting with the opposite sex for a temporary period in an attempt to enhance her overall well-being, including her mental health and her physical appearance. As a result, she may glow or look younger from lack of frowning and crying as if she had a Botox injection.

“Ever since she went on that boytox, she’s seemed so happy. Positively glowing!”

“I hit rock bottom after three failed relationships. I put myself on a boytox in order to reset my love karma.”

“That boytox did wonders for her mental health.”


Foodie who obsessively insists on snapping photos of everything they eat and of every other dish at the table.

The pepperazzi are stalking each other’s dishes at that table over there.


Someone who claims not to be a hipster, mocks others for being hipsters, but is in fact themselves a hipster. This usually applies to all hipsters as it a very rare hipster indeed that will admit to being a hipster.

After Bob rolled his eyes at the entire menagerie of kids at the bar, he then proceeded to order a PBR, thus confirming my suspicion that he is a total hipstercrite.

I could go on and on but I reckon it’s best if y’all just dive in and get lost yourself. Enjoy. http://www.urbandictionary.com

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