A-Z Blogger Challenge: Z

Zihuatanejo and Zombies

Not so long ago my friend and I were having a conversation about the men in our lives and I compared the dating scene to an episode of The Walking Dead. The specifics aren’t important. Whether we are the zombies or the zombie food it still ends with a whole lot of searching for ‘something’ and a whole lot of bloodshed.

I’ve threatened to write a book – How to Wade Through a Field of Zombies and Find Foreverland. The front cover will show me dressed Tomb Raider style atop a pile of zombies, holding the head of my latest victim while pouting at the hottie on the other side of the field! I think it’s set to sell millions!

There is a huge zombie problem out there. It’s so easy to believe that dating is like Night of the Living Dead. Some examples:

  • You may be zombified after a breakup and you literally stumble into the arms of the next one without taking time to heal, bite his head off, thereby causing an vicious cycle of zombie puss and pain.
  • Or you’re bitten by a zombie who is stumbling and then you are caught up in the infectious zone of him getting over his breakup. (zombie puss and pain)
  • You are forever on the hunt for “brains”. You struggle to find an intelligent being to talk to.
  • You’re exhausted running from the guy who just wants to chew on you, no conversation.
  • You end up, holed up in a dark, (emotionally) safe space with an arsenal of weapons and a bad attitude.
  • You keep having to kill people.
  • People you thought were normal eventually try and feel you up or kill you….therefore you keep having to kill them.

It’s a vicious zombie cycle with no cure in sight.

To end this month of alphabetic blogging I thought I should end with something gorgeous and not leave you with the thoughts of zombie puss and pain. So I leave you with Zihuatanejo, one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen in my lifetime and somewhere that I would like to call home some day. Enjoy.


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