Week Thirty

I’m used to being busy. I’m used to having 101 things to do apart from my job. Last year I was studying part time and performing with the band on top of the day job. It was pretty hardcore and left little or no time to think. I promised myself when I moved to Mexico that I would try and introduce some lazy time into my life. I promised that I’d lie in when I could, that I’d lounge and watch shit telly, I’d read whatever I wanted, I would generally relax. And so far I’ve done a pretty good job of it. I’ve done some exploring round the area, I’ve sampled my fair share of cerveza’s and I’ve had more than enough evenings chillin’ out with a rubbish DVD and my feet up and frankly I’m bored of it now. Time to do things!

I asked around school and found out about some of the classes going on in Tequis. So far I’ve discovered yoga, painting, photography and engraving are all taught in English. One Mexican friend of some of the teachers said he would give me extra Spanish lessons on top of the ones I’m already getting at school…. I think this will involve mostly swear word phrases which actually would be kinda useful! After last weeks post I’m also going to hunt out a dance class!

I think these are the things which mean you have created a life here. It would be so easy to just go to work, come back, drink a few beers and go to sleep but I want more than that. I want to feel like I belong in this place, not just as part of the school family but part of the wider community. I’ll let you know how I’m getting on. And if any of you have tips or stories about how you became part of your current life, let me know!

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Week 29

Teachers Day celebrations

On Wednesday it was Teachers Day in Mexico. This meant we got a day off work and also we had three evenings worth of parties. It felt lovely to be appreciated and recognised for all that we do and I’d really love to bring the tradition in, in the UK. I can’t see that happening but it would be really nice!

So yeah, there was lots of free food and drink, music and dancing. Yes, I said dancing. You know the proper kind – not the kind we do at home. I mean, properly with twirls and shit. Holy Lord above I am so bad at it.

On Thursday night we went to a party organised by the Presedencia for all the teachers in Tequis. I danced so much. All of it against my will. The thing is here, it is considered rude to refuse a dance. At home you can knock back any bloke and he’ll just take it. Here it’s like you’ve just insulted his mother. So picture the scene – I’m in a pretty dress and good shoes (pretty much first time in Tequis) dancing on the grass (there’s no space on the dance floor) with some sweaty, man with quite the beer belly. He’s trying to teach me (in Spanish) the rumba/salsa/meringa or some other shit. Either way it involves a lot of twirling and me looking longingly at the table holding my free rum. I’m trying not to fall over, I’m also trying not to get my heel stuck in the grass. I’m trying not to swear. I look round, pretty much all of the female teachers I’m there with are subject to the same fate. I grin and bear it. I may have giggled and shook my booty but there’s no photographic evidence to back that up. I did drink all the rum. Unfortunately there is photographic evidence of that but I’ll not subject you to it.

I fear this will not be the last time I’m forced to dance. I may look for lessons.

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