Week 27

Jesus Christ! Had camp this week with 40+ Year 8’s…well ok it wasn’t as awful as I thought it was going to be. I am a girl who has only ever camped at music festivals. I’ve normally camped in the performers area with access to working toilets, showers and security. I’ve never done the real out in the wilderness stuff. I don’t even know how to put up a tent. It’s fair to say that before I went I had a huge slice of dread about it. Luckily the other teachers who were there are all school camp experts and the kids are fairly on the ball too. One of the other teachers put up (and took down) our tent in about 5 minutes. No bother to him! All in all I enjoyed the experience. It gave me a chance to see a little bit more of Mexico. We drove through the mountain range of Sierra Gorda which was absolutely stunning.


On the way back we went to see the ancient ruins at Toloquilla. So peaceful and tranquil and not like all the other overrun tourist places.


I think I could maybe get to like this camping melarky!

Reading Info:

Finish Breakdown by Katherine Amt Hanna

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