Week Twenty-Eight

Went to see the pyramids this week. They were absolutely stunning. I’ve been lucky enough in my life to see a few places which put into perspective how small and insignificant we really are. I’ve seen Ayres Rock up close and personal, I’ve driven through the Rockies. I’ve stood at the edges of the Giant’s Causeway and Peggy’s Cove and marveled at the vastness of the ocean…or something like that. I’m happy to add the pyramids at Teotihuacan to the list of places that took my breath away.

I really enjoyed learning about the history of this place. Its name means ‘birthplace of the gods’ and it wasn’t just a random city, it was one of the largest in that period first built in 100BC. It even had multi floor apartment style structures to accommodate the large population. There is some debate about the destruction of the city but it is thought that they dwellings of the elite were attacked in some form of internal revolution rather than an outside attack….maybe it was the introduction of the Mexican bedroom tax.

This is from the Pyramid of the Moon, you can see the Pyramid of the Sun in the background and you can also see the Avenue of the Dead:


I’m pleased to have gone there and it did wonders for my Spanish. I haven’t really spent much time travelling by myself and it was really good just to go out and explore without worrying too much. I know somewhere in the depths of me I have enough Spanish to survive a road trip, I just was never that confident before. This trip though proved that I can do it. It’s a wonder what a few simple phrases can do. There are loads of street vendors all the way around the pyramid site, selling jewellery and pyramid based sourvenirs. My stock phrase was “Lo siento, no tengo dinero. Me gustaría poder comprar algo, pero yo soy un pobre maestro en Querétaro.” (means “I’m sorry i have no money. I wish I could buy something but I am a poor teacher in Queretaro.”) The sellers were so nice after that! They wanted to talk about where I came from, how I ended up working in Queretaro, if I’d teach them English etc. All amazing stuff when it comes to practicing my weak language skills.

Can’t wait to see what next week’s adventure brings!

Reading Info:

Start I am America and So Can You! By Stephen Colbert

Finish The Book of Tea by Kakuzo Okakura

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