Week Thirty-Three

I’m not sure how this is possible but it seems like the closer I get to going home the more homesick I am becoming. It’s like every breath is taking me closer to hugs and familiarity and now it feels like a painfully long time away. I guess it’s the night before Xmas sensation. It’s also Fathers Day today and well of course that meant I wished I was right back at home for hugs! The internet connection has been really dodgy too which means that I couldn’t even have a proper long FaceTime chat with the folks. Sad times indeed. (And yes, I realise how “First World Problems” this all is!)

To ease the pain a wee bit I arranged to go and see some of my cousins who are holidaying in NOLA next weekend. Some are from Derry and some are from Canada and it’ll be amazing to catch up with them. I predict that I’ll not remember much of that adventure but I promise to report the portions that I do!

It’s exam week here in school which means a shed load of marking for me. It’s one of the least pleasant aspects of being a teacher. Actually, no, witnessing how little the kids have remembered from a year’s worth of work is a highly unpleasant part of the job also! I think all the staff have got a touch of ‘end of termitis’ cos everybody has been a giggly, exhausted mess. It has made for some very fun, staff meetings and lunch breaks.

I reckon the kids have a touch of it too.

Reading info this week:

Still reading Private Papers of Eastern Jewel by Maureen Lindley (I don’t know why it is taking me so long to get through this book. I’m really enjoying it but it’s taking forever to get through!)

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