Week Thirty-Eight

Ok so two weeks at home have flown by and this day next week I’ll be flying out again onto part two of my summer holiday adventure. I have had so much fun catching up with friends and family but boy am I exhausted now! Too much eating out and too much drinking has taken its toll.

I think Mexico has made me soft. On Friday night I actually took my heels off in the club towards the end of the night and put my flip-flops on. The old me would never have done that. The old me wouldn’t even have had emergency flip-flops in my bag! I’ve just been too used to running around Mexico in flip-flops or sandals. Jesus maybe the new me is a girl who’s not even bothered about shoes. That is unthinkable!

It’s funny thinking about ‘the new me’. One of the girls I used to work with says my accent has changed. The rest of them disagreed with her though! Other people have commented on the new shorter hair and how a few months in Mexico has highlighted how ‘brave’ I am. I would never have said I’m brave and then again I couldn’t do any of the parenting stuff that they do.  But hey each to their own. I don’t think I’ve changed at all. I think that I’m still actually the same person I’ve always been but I guess you don’t always see the changes in yourself.

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