Week Forty

Aka: Things I Overheard in Chicago

So I had real fun wandering around Chicago being a tourist and just soaking up the atmosphere! Here are some of the priceless gems I overheard while wandering the city.

Overheard in a souvenir shop:

Lady 1: Oh look, there’s an Al Capone thing.

Lady 2: Oh Al Capone? Didn’t he make a movie here or something?

On a bus:

(part one)

The Irish are happy because they don’t give into intelligence or wisdom.

(part two)

The Irish gave all their documents of identification to the Mexicans. That is why there are so many Mexican’s here with Irish names.

(part three)

I am Mexican and I have an Irish baby.

These three gems were from the same crazy little lady, who most definitely not Mexican. I’m fairly certain she had no babies either. In fact I’d be horrified if she did.

I thought Chicago was an amazing city and I really can’t wait to visit again. There were so many interesting sculptures and spaces to sit and watch the world go by. One day we had a beautiful lunch under the shade of a tree at an urban waterfall. There’s something so interesting about the growth of green space and art in a very busy setting.


One of the most beautiful sculptures is The Bean, which is in Millenium Park. It’s like a moving canvas and it reflects the people, scenery and sky so fantastically. You could spend an entire day watching the view change.


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