Week Forty-Two

So after five weeks away from it, my little zen zone in Mexico needed a wee bit of TLC. Before I got to the TLC I needed to get rid of all the dead bugs…..five weeks meant there was a lot to clear. By the time I was done there was a very small mountain of carcasses to bin. But I’m very glad I found them dead and they weren’t alive and waiting to pounce on me, while I was trying to reclaim my territory here.

I did have to broom wrestle a baby lizard out from the window. My girlish shrieking sure sped the process up. I have to say it was one of the more hateful things I’ve had to do in my time here. I didn’t want to kill it but I wanted it to leave my home and was trying my best to sweep it out without hurting it. Man it was skittish. But anyways it left and I’m hoping it will never return again.

I’ve found it comforting how easily I slipped back into my Mexican life. I directed my taxi from the airport home and was surprised how I remembered the words for ‘left’ and ‘right’ and also the complex pattern through the little maze of backstreets and alleyways leading to my house. Even though I didn’t get in til about 10ish I still went down to the Cantina to see some of the staff who were pre celebrating the weekend. And oh how I had missed the cheap beer! (25 peso’s which is roughly £1.20 / $1.90) God Bless Mexico!

And being back at work was lovely too. It was great to see all the staff and hear their summer adventures. There’s been lots of renovation done on the school too and the place is looking so well. The kids come back next week and I’m excited to hear about their holidays and to really get stuck into work.

Let’s go new term. Game on!

Reading info this week

Started Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

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