Week Forty-Three

The new term has officially started and life in Mexico is rolling on just like it used to. It feels as if I’ve never been away, which I guess is always the way when you’re back to work. As it’s a ‘new year’ at work I do what I usually do and set myself some resolutions. The top one is of course “Get a Grip on the Spanish Language”. I might try and force myself to do a GCSE at the end of the year just so I have something to work towards. But I would settle for having a bit of random banter in a bar. God help all the Mexican staff at school who will have to listen to me brutalising their language over the upcoming months. I apologise in advance.

I’m also setting myself a list of places that I need to go and visit here in Mexico. It’s such a beautiful country and I really don’t think I saw much of it last year. If any of you have suggestions for “Must See” sights in Mexico please let me know so I can add them to my list.


Reading info this week

Finished Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn