Week Forty-Eight

I’ve been full on sick since last week, a raging stomach infection and a bitch of a cough. I’m hoping at some point the medicine will kick in and I will start to feel better ‘cos I couldn’t do another week like this. I made it through but I would have happily let someone kill me just to put an end to it.

I hate being sick. I don’t cope well. Plus it makes me miss my mum even more. No matter how old you are, when you’re sick you want your mum, ‘cos mum’s just know how to make it better.

It was interesting to see how the kids cope when their teacher is ill. Normally in my classes I’m really ‘on it’, filled with energy and giggles etc and well this week all my energy just went on standing up properly. And bless, the kids they were so sweet about it. Even more well behaved than they normally are. I’m always grateful for teaching in a school like ours but this week even more so.

Because I’ve been sick and low on energy I didn’t do anything this weekend apart from vegetate and watch tons of bubblegum telly. Finally managed to watch Sharknado, which all my friends in the US had been raving about a while back. If you haven’t already seen it, you must watch it. You must! It is quite possibly one of the worst pieces of television you will ever see. The production value is so bad and the acting so awful that it is hard to choose a favourite bit. I totally loved it and I think fair play for whoever came up with this genius idea. I cannot wait for the sequel: Sharknado, Sharks on a Plane.

Reading info this week:

Medicine Instructions

Week Forty-Seven

This week I have been decompressing from last week. We got back to Tequisquiapan late on Wednesday night and were able to make it to work on Thursday. We had a mini heroes welcome. It was so lovely to see how many of the staff were happy to see us and how many of them had prayed for us when we were away.

The kids were filled with questions about how we survived, although all my Year 7’s were interested in was if I’d seen any dead bodies or saw people with limbs missing. They’ve watched too many horror films I think.

All the stress I was ignoring last week has hit me with full force. I am exhausted and feel quite nauseas most of the time. But I’m just recognising it as the body’s way of getting rid of stress so I’m trying to be kind to myself. Because I’m in the process of celebrating life I’ve partied since Thursday night (which clearly hasn’t helped the nausea) but life is too short not to enjoy it.