Week Forty-Four

This week in Minneapolis one of my most favourite people was able to marry his long time partner. Such joy. Although, it is a shame that the government has taken so long to recognise equality for all in terms of marriage and it is quite sad that in some places there isn’t freedom to marry. For what it’s worth, I think it’s wonderful when people find joy, peace and contentment in others and frankly it isn’t the governments place to meddle in someone’s private life.

When people get married well wishers are filled with advice and top tips of how to survive the rest of your lives, for me, no I’m not gonna do that. All I’m going to say is “Hey, keep doing what you’re doing, it’s obviously working!”

The other big news this week was obviously Ben Affleck becoming Batman (Batfleck) and Miley Cyrus ‘twerking.’ (I’m actually horrified to have to add to the internet swell of opinions on both these subjects.)

My main concern is how many people are really upset about these subjects but there are relatively few people worried about the upcoming shitstorm in Syria.

I don’t actually care who is the next Batman and you know if Afleck got it over others well then, fair play to him. It’s part of the job of being an actor, you win some you lose some. And actually I quite like Afleck. I saw his film Argo when it came out and thought it was a really good piece.

As for Miley Cyrus and the VMA’s, I think the things people should be concerned about is not the ‘twerking’ but that fact that she was clearly off her tatas on drugs and nobody stopped her going on stage half naked, gurning and dancing with a bunch of overgrown bears. I mean where are the people in her life who’ve got her mental health as their top priority? Where are her folks? I’m a performer of sorts, not obviously the cash cow she is, but I’m fairly certain that if I were to run that VMA performance idea past my folks, friends or casual acquaintances, the general consensus would be a definite “Wind yer neck in from all.” And thank god for that. If she has clearly lost her own mind and can’t tell good ‘art’ from sensationalist crap, then there should be somebody near her who will steer her in the right direction. I feel quite sad for her and also for us a society cos everybody is making fun of her and nobody is asking if she’s actually ok, mentally or emotionally. What’s wrong with us?

Seamus Heaney passed away this week and I have to say I’m kinda gutted about it. His poetry formed so much of my childhood. I remember learning poems of his for the feis, Blackberry Picking and Mid Term Break, amongst others. I remember studying them for GCSE and now when I hear them I am transported back to that time, to that place. It’s a huge cache of memories for me. Now I’m teaching some of the same poems to my GCSE classes and watching them work through the intricacies of his language to find the deeper meaning underneath has been such a joy.

I guess he is part of the reason I became a writer. I wasn’t interested in writing about farming but I could see that he had his own unique voice and I thought that everybody must have something worthwhile to say. I wondered what I had to say.

Whether you liked him as a poet or not there’s no denying the impact he had on poetry and language arts in Northern Ireland and wider afield. His legacy will live on in his work and that at least is a small comfort at this time.

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