Week Forty-Five

I’ve started taking a yoga class in Spanish. So much for calming my so called ‘stress’ levels! Things I’ve learned this week; Number one: I’m not as bendy as I used to be. Number two: My Spanish is appalling. It’s been quite funny to use a bit of ‘monkey see monkey do’ in class and I’m enjoying figuring out the topic specific language. I also learned the word for belly button which is ‘ombligo’, a pretty awesome word, if you ask me.

I’ve been trying to have only Spanish conversations (when appropriate) at work.

Lots of people say that to improve your Spanish you need to hang out with tons of Mexican people. This week, purely for language improvement purposes (I kid), I went to hang out with some of the Mexican dudes I know. Now, hanging with a bunch of Mexican dudes is pretty much the same as hanging with a bunch of Irish dudes. They both love to drink and party and after several bottles of the hard stuff you can’t understand what either of them are saying! It did wonders for my Spanglish I can tell ya.

It was an epic weekend and I’m sure my liver is paying the price for it now!

What has also been tough this week is the noise level in the Plaza. We’re heading towards Noche Mexicana and there is a fair in the plaza which means there’s been lots of drumming, fireworks and dodgy music. It’s all a bit of sensory overload. But I’m excited about experiencing my first Noche Mexicana and celebrating this country that I’ve grown to love so much.

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