Week Fifty-Two


A year already!!

It doesn’t feel like a year yet. I don’t feel I’ve scratched the surface of what a year living in a foreign country looks like. I still don’t have a strong grasp of the language. I still wander round the supermarket and have no idea what some of the foods are. I’m still finding out new, weird and wonderful things about this place on a daily basis. It can’t be a year. I’m not done yet. So far I’ve written some 25000 words about my Mexican adventure and there are still loads more to come. I’ve not even managed to see half the places on the ‘must see list’….and that list is getting longer by the day.

So far, I know I’m here until July ’14 (beyond that I still don’t know) so I have a hell of a lot of work to do in the next year. I am going to have to travel and I’m really gonna have to knuckle down and get my Spanish sorted. I’m hoping to take my iGCSE in the Summer term and so between now and then I’m going to have to work like a demon. That’s ok though, I don’t mind hard work and I don’t mind a challenge. I’ll keep you posted.

What will the next adventure bring? Who knows? What I do know is that both myself and my little brother are starting the NaNoWriMo challenge in November. If you’ve never heard of it the challenge is to write a 50k novel in one month. That’s next on my to do list. I’m not sure how much blogging I’ll manage to do between now and then but I’ll do my best to keep you up to date.

So there we go “The Year of Reading in Mexico” challenge has ended. 42 books read on my Kindle plus countless other paper copies that people have given me. A blog post every week, NaPoWriMo & A-Z blog challenges, a hurricane, a volcano, beaches and bottles of really cheap beer, hundreds of oogy bug incidents, new friends and visits from old ones.

AND YOU!! I have had the most amazing year and thank you to all of you for reading along, commenting or private messaging me with your thoughts. Life is all about the journey and a journey is better with you in it so thank you, thank you, thank you.

Week Fifty-One

This week I have mostly been focused on decisions and on assessments. The assessments are part of the hoops that the exam board make you jump through before allowing you to mark the coursework component of their course. It’s fairly standard procedure but just a lot of extra work on top of the usual teaching stuff. Nothing I can’t handle, it just means that every extra moment has been taking up with it. Not fun but hardly out of the ordinary as far as the teaching timetable goes.

The decision stuff is slightly harder to deal with. It’s around this time of year that we teachers have to make our decision about staying here for the next academic year. I am so torn, I just don’t know what to do.

There are obviously pros and cons to staying and going and I am trying to make a decision logically. I tell ya, it sucks.

I love it here in Mexico I really do. I love the weather and the culture and the amazing bunch of people I’ve been lucky enough to meet. I loooooove teaching at my school. The kids are great and the staff are wonderful. The whole school has a relaxed atmosphere that I am enjoying being part of.

But of course the downsides are huge. Mexico is very far away from my family and friends who I miss on a daily basis. And also the pay in my job isn’t great which means I am limited in the things I can do. Plus I need to start thinking of the future (the dreaded R word) and making some sort of provisions for that.

Of course me being me I’m not just thinking, I’m over thinking. I’m now questioning all my life choices and decisions: Why didn’t I go to RADA when I was 17? Why didn’t I study creative writing at PhD level so I could be teaching in a university right now? Why couldn’t I have Judith Chalmers job on Wish You Were Here? ‘Cos that’s the type of job I always wanted – being able to run round the globe and tell people what I thought of stuff. Why can’t I make that happen??

I know whatever I decide in the end will be fine. Things will work out exactly the way they are meant to. The universe will shift me into the place I’m meant to be in, even if I don’t know it at the time. Even if it feels scary and weird at the start, it’ll be fine in the end. I just have to do what I normally do and trust my gut. Although right now, my gut is saying nada. It wants a drink of rum. Stupid gut.