12(ish) Days of Xmas Movies

Ok, so I live abroad now….and it’s sunny and bright most of the time, so it doesn’t feel like Christmas, not in the slightest. I mean, sure they’ve decorated the palm trees and there’s a nativity scene and ice rink in the main square but it’s still 20 degrees and it just doesn’t have that crisp, Winter blanket Christmassy vibe going on.

I asked some of my friends to recommend Christmas movies in the hope that it would help bring in the jolly and well the results were varied to say the least.

For me, top of the list is always going to be Scrooged and The Muppet Christmas Carol. Yes, I know they’re both adaptations of the same thing but dang it, they’re both just so good. Bill Murray and Michael Caine are bloody perfect (in all things) and I love them in these movies.

Muppet_christmas_carol scrooged










After those it would have to be Die Hard and Gremlins, cos y’know, who doesn’t love explosions, guns and demon animals at Christmas time?!

john-mcclane-die-hard uploads_3ff7fc3e-9135-47ff-b4c1-6725a2d6bfbd-gremlins_1984-poster









I would also put Home Alone on the list, because my little brother loved it so much when he was young and every time I see it I’m brought back to those days when it was on repeat in the house and he was acting out scenes from it!


So from the list of movies I was given by friends I decided to watch the ones I’d never seen before. These were: Bad Santa, Four Christmases, Merry Friggin’ Christmas and The Holiday. To be honest….they were all a bit meh and I wouldn’t recommend them for getting into the holiday spirit. The main themes were families are shite, it’s good to run away from your problems or run away from your shit life, drink until it’s good and a man makes everything better….I felt less like I wanted to celebrate Christmas and more like I wanted to go into therapy and put the world to rights for a while.

I’m interested to know what movies you watch to get you  in the Christmas mood?

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